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Organised Mahseer Fishing Trips in India in Association with the Mahseer Research Centre -

Every picture tells a story, but this is how this picture came to be, if you believe in Karma.

Fishing Tackle & Bait Manufacturers Challenge  |  KRS Dam Fishing  |  130lb World Record Mahseer

Back in the 1990,s when Beemishwari was a wonderful small fishing camp with 6 tents,and good fishing. I often used to drive my Mahindra Commander 10 seater open jeep to Halguru (Hal Gore) to collect supplies and use the phone.

Along the dirt/mud road I often used to pick up the school teacher and children walking to school. The Bus came twice a day, weather and whatever permitting, if the bus did not come it was a long walk, from Beemishwari to Halguru is 22 Kilometres. I often had the teacher and 21 children in my Jeep. (No Health and Safety then or now)

One afternoon in late December 1999, I picked up the school teacher on my way back from Halguru,as I arrived at Beemishwari,she looked at me with those sad eyes, as if to say "are you going to throw me out here". Neither of us speaking the others language,a few hand gestures and I new that she wanted to go further, Muthathi village was at that time end of the road, and although it was only 7 kilometres from Beemishwari,I had never had cause to go there.
As we arrived at the village, which had a number of Temples, and a few kiosk size shops,I looked for somewhere to turn, heading towards the river, its a one mud street village, I saw, what to me looked like a wonderful stretch of river, I got out of my jeep to have a closer look, and looking down stream there were thousands of people,cooking on open fires and getting ready for the Millennium.

On getting back to Beemishwari, I said to my ghillie at that time K.N , that I have found a place to fish at Muthathi." Sir no body fishes there its noisy and dirty" "but I want to give it a try" It was decided that after the 10,000 people that it was estimated would be there for the Millennium, had left, we would go on the morning of the 2nd January 2000.

Arriving on the 2nd January, we struggled to get our coracle into the river,there was about 50 tonnes of plastic bags and bottles left behind. The river goes from a small rapid to what looks like a very wide piece of river,more like a lake, which is what most people think, but there is one very deep part that runs fast through the centre,that washes people away,73 people drowned here in 2009.

As we fished our way down this deep part, we didn't have a bite, and at 11am K.N said "see Sir there are no fish here" I said we will try a little longer,at 11.30 I had the first bite,of a hard fighting fish,which we went after,we landed the fish and put it on a stringer, to rest before we took a photo. I cast again and the bait had only just come to rest, when the line started to scream off again, as the line looked as if it was going to run out, K.N tide the stringer to a bush and we followed the fish in the coracle,and we landed this fish,put it on a stringer,and K.N paddled the coracle back up stream in shallow water to collect the first fish while I waited on a rock for him to return. K.N said "try again Sir while the fish rest".I cast again, this time the bait came round, and did,nt even come to rest, before the line was once again screaming off,and the chase was on again.Three casts and 3 fish of 32lbs,57lbs,and 78lbs,all between 11.30am and 2.30pm.Who said fish can,t tell the time, they had been getting fed for 4 days with the scraps of chicken,mutton,rice and everything else that had been thrown in the water every lunch time for 4 days.

I went back a little later the next morning, to find 16 people fishing, the place that no one ever fishes, news had spread quickly. This is why, I am now ,very reluctant to tell where I catch my fish.

I never got to fish it again that season, and no fish were caught here until late October 2000, when a magnificent 88lb Black Mahseer was caught.

The last great fish caught here was caught by my good friend Niel Fox, founder of "Based on a True Story" If you don,t have a private Jet,you will not be one of his clients.


Size is not everything when you look at how perfect, and in my eyes, a truly beautiful fish of 36lbs.


2 Mahseer caught in 30 minutes on the Cauvery River - 1st Fish 1st Cast!

(Please click the video below to play the full clip)

This is an unedited 30 minute video catching 2 Mahseer, while out patrolling for poachers, I take my Shimano tfmmhd9611648 stc rods. Fishing with a tighter clutch than usual as the day before, I lost a big fish here, when it ran downstream through the gap and the Barbless hook came out.


New 130lb World Record Mahseer caught at the only British run fishing camp in India!
(Please scroll to the bottom of the page for full photos of this magnificent Mahseer!)

Full Story here on the Deccan Herald website

The New 130lb World Record Mahseer was caught on the 13th March 2011

I have been asked so many times, why this fish was kept quiet, 20 years or so when the animal rights group released 12,000 mink, they had no idea what they were doing, the mink emptied my lake of all the large carp. Now we have the Indian Anti angling groups who want fishing banned, what they do not understand is banning angling will be the end of the Mahseer, in the Cauvery River, poaching will come back on a huge scale, and will lead to the extinction of the Mahseer with the help of Google Earth.

The Article shown here besides the weight of the fish 130lb 10oz is mainly BS. Angling has not been banned everywhere only in Sanctuaries, and our part of the river is not affected, although we though it would be, after this article, and we cancelled all booking from 1st January 2012. But thankfully it was not, although we now have a new set of rules, which will be printed later.

I had been fishing the same spot for a few days, and catching 20lb and 30lb fish, another angler had 7 Mahseer between 25lb and 49lb in a morning in the next swim up. I decided to fish there, Ken Loughran, a Senior Civil Servant from Kidderminster, one of the most experience anglers I have ever met, with a knowledge of fish handling and care, beyond most vets, asked me," do you mind, if I fish your swim," "Help Yourself".I then got involved with capturing three poachers, so did not get to fish. Then an Indian came running up, Joe come quick, Ken has caught a 100 lb fish. Indian scales are guesstimates, and I though it would be a 50lb or 60lb Mahseer. When I saw Ken who was in the water, as he had been snagged and swam with his rod to free it, to land the fish. Ken attempted to lift the fish out of the water, for the first time in my life, my jaw dropped open, I have seen big fish and caught big fish all over the world and at Gillhams in Thailand. I have had 80lb and 90lb Mahseer, and said straight away,"" that is a world record fish". Ken is no small man, at over 220 lb himself .The Kevin Nash 112 lb Scales just went round the the dial.So it had to be re weighed, and came in at 130lb 10oz, working on the formula for Mahseer weights, it calculated at 128lb and so many ounces. The fish measured 1.47 metres, but it was its girth that shocked me, 99cm, that in old money is a 34 inch waist, which is huge. My only regret was that Ken Loughran, didn't get the recognition that he deserved, using one of my Shimano 6 piece Forcemaster S.T.C Multi Heavy TFMMHD9611648, which means it can be fished at 9ft 6in or 11ft 6in, and cast 4 to 8 oz.(The best Mahseer rod ever, and I have had hundreds made looking for the perfect rod it hair pinned with a 90lb Mahseer going deep) and Shimano stopped making them, for some unknown reason and they team up perfectly with a Shimano L.C Baitrunner. As Ken does not have one, the old Shimano would have given him a rod and reel, if not a few, like they did Mark Thomson when he had a 104lb Mahseer at Bheemishwari all those years ago.







For the current prices to fish at the KRS Dam Camp please scroll down the page or click here.

Ian Welch's Angling Adventures

Line break heartbreak - a Classic angling tale - click here to read the article

With kind permission from Anglers Mail, Ian Welch and Gary Newman.

Ian Welch's Angling Adventures

Christmas present and Christmas yet to come - click here to read the article

With kind permission from Anglers Mail, Ian Welch and Gary Newman.

Mr Joe also runs Sailfish tours in Malaysia out of the Mahseer Fishing Season Click here for more details.

Fishing Tackle and Bait Manufacturers
So You Think Yours Is The Best?
Come And Prove It On A Water, That Holds World Records.

Where the fish have never seen a hook.

We are not Sponsored by Anyone

This Chinese Common Carp is a tiddler! They grow to over 40kg (88lb) in KRS Dam. Where this photo was taken will be under water November and fishing will be from the tree line.

I have been trying to fish KRS Dam for 18 years, since seeing a Catla (think Siamese Carp) netted at 175 lb. Since then it has been my ambition to get to fish it.


It is only through my Loyal friend and Driver/Assistant, Albert, who knows nothing about fishing, but can and does get through doors, that have been closed to me, and it is thanks to him, that all this has happened, he will be Camp manager, as he will go out of his way to help you, and speaks perfect English.



Albert (who is a Christian) KRS Dam Camp Manager and Hand Line Dave.

I knew that a fishing ban on rivers was going to come, in India, save the Tiger, Elephant Corridors, and anti fishing brigade, etc. Which will have the opposite effect to what is desired, and Tigers, Elephants and Mahseer will be poached out of existence in 10 years, without Tourists watching over them.

I did not think it would happen so quickly, 4 weeks ago around the 25th July 2012, fortunately, I had been negotiating, (Full time job in India) with Albert at my side, for a Scientific Research Lease, on a section of KRS Dam since, October 2011. I got it 3 weeks ago, on the 28/7/2012 and valid until 30/6/2017 . This sort of lease is unheard of, especially for a foreigner. In short it means fishing 24/7, with 3 rods, to find out the feeding habits, what the fish feed on, and when they feed best, how fast they grow.


All fish to be weighed, measured, and photographed, fish over 15 kg will be Micro Chipped, and monitored for their Growth Rate.

Name a Fish, anyone can sponsor a fish over 15kg, which will be named after you, or a loved one or friend, and micro chipped, and its progress will be on a website, if and when it is caught again, for the sum of £5 per fish, this is open to anyone. It just covers the cost.

In India it is 7am to 7 pm, one rod, officially, although I have been known to do things differently.



But as this is for research it is legal to fish 24/7 with 3 rods, thatís if you want to, food and drinks will be delivered to you, you MUST NOT leave rods unattended, when you have bait in the water, I do not want to lose my lease.

KRS Dam was built between 1911 and 1931, and nobody has ever been allowed to fish it legally with rod and line. The fishermens Co-operative who I got the lease off, net on average 11 tonnes of fish a day, but are putting 27 million fingerlings in this month. They have done a wonderful Job in using this Dam, as a sustainable food supply, not allowing everything to be taken and putting nothing back, as has happened at Kabini Dam,( my friend Peter Carroll, fished it every day for 2 months and didn't even get a bite, never mind catch a fish) which the Fishermens Co-op has just taken on an unheard of lease, of 15 years to restock the dam and bring it back to life.


From the netting I know how big the fish are, a Grass carp was netted last November at 94lbs 10oz, there are Common Carp known 40kg+ (90lb), Catla 65kg, Rohu 15 kg, and Mahseer to unknown proportions. Van Ingen held the world record since 1943 at 123lb, until Ken Loughran, caught one 130lb 10 oz on the 13 march 2011. The only surviving of the Van Ingen brothers (They were the World Famous Taxidermists in Mysore, see the Accidental Angler) found a dead Mahseer in KRS Dam in the drought of 2004/5 that was estimated at over 220lb.

I am catering for only 12 Anglers, I do not want it over crowded as I watched what Jungle Lodges, have done, and what were once wonderful small fishing camps, are now just money making Tourist Camps. This is not about making money, it is about me fulfilling an 18 year ambition and seeing what monsters live in this Dam.



I will be feeding 60kg Maize a day and 50kg ragi balls a day from 1st October, and opening on Saturday 3rd November. Bookings are from Saturday to Saturday, as it works best for everyone who has to get back to work on a Monday.

Group Organisers, bring 5 paying Anglers, and come as the 6th Angler for the £50 fishing licence fee, and get everything included like everyone else.

What does it cost and what do you get.


£500 a week,

£950 for 2 weeks

£1,800 4 weeks.

What do you get for your money,


Pick up and drop of Bangalore airport. £60

Fishing Licence £50 a week to the Co-op




Unfortunately due to price increases in India the prices below will be applicable for anybody booking from the 1st October 2013 onwards:


£600 a week


£1150 for 2 weeks


£2100 for 4 weeks


Accomodation in Outwell Montana 6 Tents, sleeps 6, but 2 bedroom, so I do 2 to a tent, bedroom each. Must have your own space even if you bring your wife. These are walk around tents, no ducking. They have won tent of the year. Scandinavian (Shipping from U.K) This is India, not Thailand, there are no women, and there is NO Night Life, its Fishing Drinking, Smoking, and Eating and having a Great Time. So if you are a Miserable S** please do not come, unless you want to enjoy yourself.

All food, which is 5*****, Beef, Ox, Buffalo Steaks, my famous fat free 12 oz Buffalo Burgers, Chicken, Mutton (Goat) cooked however you want, You might like curry, I do 25 different types, but not every day, unless that is what you want, believe me, Curry is good, but not every day. B.B.Q, T-Bone Steaks, Beef Rib Chops, Rump and Sirloin Steaks, as large as you want. Chicken, and Mutton. Handmade Fresh Pasta, you ask, and if we can get it, we will make it for you. I am a foody, and really like my Guests to eat the best of everything, no-one has ever been ill on any of the food I have prepared. I know everyone is frightened of getting Delhi Belly. I am English, I Know what you want.

3 Litres of water a day

2 Litre Bottle Coca Cola

7 Pints of Kingfisher Beer a Day Premium or Strong (Strong like Carlsberg Special, so you have been warned)

60kg Maize each, a week

25kg Ragi each, a week makes about 60 kg boilies.

You have to remember these fish have never seen a hook never mind a boilie. Although all my big Mahseer have been caught on hard and soft ragi soaked or sprayed with Ritchworth Luncheon meat flavour, and Tiger Nut Oil works. Its India, there are No fishing Tackle Shops and no Flavours to buy.



You donít need to bring money with you, except for staff tips, or if you want to go sightseeing, or to buy gifts, Mysore 45 minutes away, the City of Palaces, where the British ran South India from, because it has the best climate, averages 28c or 82f all year round, can need a sweater or fleece, for night and early mornings November, December, January, last year the coldest on Record for 116 years at 8c some nights, which if you are like me never seeing English winters for years its freezing.



If you read my website the Research was stopped yet again last year, ďWhy does a Foreigner want to do Research on Fish in IndiaĒ Because there is interest in Mahseer and no-one really knows, anything about them. I had interest and offers of Free Help, from Fish Specialists from Australia across Asia, Malaysia especially, all over Europe, including Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, The United Kingdom and The United States of America.




Also D.Heaps fishing blog tells it like it really is, my last guests of last season. Before they banned me and all foreigners, for catching to many Big fish. (Its not my fault Indians, are, on the whole crap Anglers. Although I do know some absolutely incredible Indian Anglers, who are good friends, but if you cannot buy good tackle, and no-one is prepared to teach you or you are too stubborn to listen, do not complain about other people catching the Big Fish, thatís why I am opening a fishing school to teach people how to fish at the Dam) They kept changing and bringing in new rules constantly, only 4 Anglers, no live bait, etc. Just Bullshit. (Click here to visit D. Heaps Fishing Adventures Blog)



My Website is being updated now, but Facebook is pretty up to date, as the monsoon has come 2 months late, and the dam has risen from 60/70ft, 3 weeks ago, the 30/7/2012 to 105ft yesterday, full at 128ft, it is 50 kilometres long (30 miles) but my camp is being built, JCB,s flattened it, before I left 3 weeks ago, about 3 kilometres from the Dam wall, this is the area for big fish.

Keep a watch on Facebook and see how things progress. You might fancy a trip.

Payment is £100 Deposit per head, paid into HSBC in the U.K, at time of booking, and the balance paid 8 weeks before the Trip Starts, if you want to pay, in stages as you go along, weekly Payments, paid into HSBC U.K. (Anglers are bad with money, and if they have money in their pocket, there is always, some tackle they will buy, even if they do not need it.) I know money is tight everywhere, thatís O.K.

Credit Cards will be taken Via Paypal

Air Tickets, to Bangalore: you can go on the Internet, but, for the same price, you can contact Mr Gulhati at Concordia Travel, Manchester, as if you need to change anything, you have someone to speak to, he is from Bangalore, but has lived in U.K for more than 40 years Tel: 0161 434 4114 . email:


Ali is a seriously good Indian Angler and these are Catla (also known as Indian Carp, click here for more info) that grow over 65kg (140lb) in KRS Dam!


What do you need to bring:

Your fishing tackle, as most people like to use their own, Carp set up, 3X 3lb or 3.5lb t.c rods, pod and alarms, cork balls for Grass Carp, and Catla. There are NO FISHING TACKLE SHOPS IN INDIA.

I can lend tackle if you do not have rods or reels, but need to know in advance, as have a limited amount of my own tackle. I do not Lend My Greys Platinum 3.5 T.C 12 foot Rods to anyone.


Fleece or Hoodie just in case it gets cold at night.

4 T-Shirts (Baggy you don,t want tight in the heat)

Long sleeve shirts x 2 (Craghopper as good as Columbia and cheaper) or any long sleeve shirt


Trousers, with legs that unzip Craghopper usually doing a deal so go on-line

Crocs or Sandals

2 pairs of socks for evenings, or for when you do not listen and burn your feet.

Sun Cream, it may not be so hot but the sun can be fierce, and I have burned my head on cloudy days, even in the rain.

Hats, Caps and sunglasses

Loose Boxer Shorts, you do not want sweaty balls (see D.Heaps fishing Blog)

And of Course a camera, although I take photos and videos, just in case yours do not come out.

I have a computer with dongle for you to use, and if you bring a mobile unlocked and as cheap as possible, they work the best, I can lend you an Indian Sim Card with £10 Credit for a £10 charge, bring money if you like to ring home a lot, do not use a British Sim unless you do not mind a HUGE BILL £1.75 a minute, against 5p to a UK landline on an Indian Sim or 20p to mobiles. Prices subject to change. Not by me, but networks prices can change.

Best Wishes Joe




For a quick reply and enquiries please email:

Serious or Urgent enquiries please text (sms) your name, what its about, and what time is best to call you -   Tel No.s:     00 91 9886917381   or   +44 7407496056

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